Monday, August 21, 2017


Hey hey!

So you might recognize this guy from American Idol. Like most winners, he has a token music video. He is not too bad but nothing special. Definitely not a Daughtry or Carrie Underwood.  Anyway, it's a fun track for a week that has so far been pretty blah. Hope it has been a good week.

- S

Sweet Serendipity : Lee DeWyze

Hey you,
Sorry about your rough week. Hopefully this one will be better. 
My music listening this weekend ranged from choral music to some mainstream pop! Nothing really worth sharing on this blog. 
Found this today. The internet labels this genre as Soul rooted RnB. But I like it because it's really chill, the piano is great and he enunciates his lyrics! Also the video is cool. 
Hope the music is relaxing at the least. 

My Time : Jordan Rakei

Monday, August 14, 2017

Human Lightening

I've been feeling very blah this weekend- the kind of blah before you become ill, or when you are recovering from illness. So I stayed in bed most of the day and watched silly romantic comedies! Aside from feeling kinda better now, I also found this cool song from one of the movie soundtracks. The lyrics are a bit depressing, but the music is great. I'm sure you'll like it.
Have a good Monday! :) 

Lightening Tent : Wildlife

Are you feeling better because of the romantic comedies? That would be a fascinating power that romcoms could have. Also, I am experiencing a solidarity sickness of a running nose and cough. Oh well... Since we are talking about discovery of new music. I heard this choice wile driving down to Brighton this weekend. I think you will like it.

BTW, I think I win. :)


Human : Rag n' Bones Man

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Let Me In

Sudhir's Pick:
Since you are already so confident that you are going to win this week, I shouldn't even try right?! Nope, I really think you will like this. This has been on repeat all morning. Super catchy and does all the right things musically. Enjoy!

Let Me In : Grouplove

Hey you,
I was super excited to find this band-- an indie Indian duo. Love the simplicity of the track- the young love story line, the funky musical arrangement, and the music video. I asked you the other day about your thoughts on Wes Anderson because I think their music video has lots of Anderson elements- the colours, the random compilation of objects, camera angles, etc. I visited the National Gallery of Modern Art today, so I'm feeling very artsy. Going well with this song choice! 

They only have three tracks out, and I am waiting to see more of their talents and variety in music styles that they produce. 
I liked these lyrics from their track- Philosophize. 
"I've got a New York state of mind, In Indian standard time... Sometimes it just don't seem to fit" 
P.S I like your choice. Catchy for sure. :) 

I Love You Baby, and I Love You Doll : Parekh and Singh 

Monday, July 31, 2017

A Closeness to

Ok, I am totally going to win this week. Didn't think I would like this song on one listen but it really grew on me. Especially after reading the lyrics, how it picked up in the second verse and the range of Kennedy's voice. You will really like it, me thinks.  Have a great week, T.


A Closeness : Dermot Kennedy 

Hey hey,
Such a great song choice. I likes very much.
Who is this Ruth B.? She seems popular, but I only heard this now. A bit late to the party. But this is an unusually soulful raw track to be popular. Pleasant surprise. I like how simple the song is, but her voice is flawless. Hope you've had a good weekend. 

Lost Boy : Ruth B. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Random Title

Found this really interesting band on Spotify today. Very strong indie vibe with great lyrics and a strong Mumford and Sons feel. I think you will really like them. Hope you do. Hope the week goes well even though you are not in the mountains.


Agape : Bear's Den

Hey you,
Bear's Den is great! Good choice. I actually shared one of their songs here a long time ago. But I haven't heard this song. Thanks for sharing.
Here's a song by the April Towers. Heard them for the first time today. Catchy song and amusing video. Enjoy. :)

Takes One to Know One : April Towers

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Killin' it!

Sudhir's choice:
So...You missed a great concert. A spectacular one, in fact. You would have really liked it. Cold War Kids did their thing, Tears for Fears still got it and Elbow was a surprisingly good concert band. The Killers rise up as my favourite live performance ever. I am pretty sure Brandon Flowers looked at me at some point when they did Mr. Brightside. For this week, and only because you have heard every single Killers song, I am sharing my favorite Elbow song. It was great live. You will like, I am sure. 

One Day Like This : Elbow


Was nice chatting and catching up today. I have a feeling that you won't like my song choice this week. But anyway, here goes...
Despite my usual aversion to electronic music, I discovered this very cool/interesting genre recently- electro-swing. But I realised that ever since the incredible soundtrack of The Great Gatsby, I have liked this 1930s swing mashup with modern electro. 
In general, this genre is great for sunday motivation to clean the house! Haha.
If you don't like it, listen to it next time you're cleaning or washing dishes! :) 
Enjoy your week.
- Tanisha

Lost in the Rhythm : Jamie Berry ft. Octavia Rose

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Brightside and Shadows


This is the week. It's here. It is! It's the week I get to listen to Mr. Brightside live. In honour of this exceptional week, I am sharing one of my favourite lesser known songs. I thought you would appreciate the sax in the middle of the song. I really hope they play this. No doubt, next week will another Killers song. Get excited.


I Can't Stay : The Killers

Ah, the Killers! Any day is a good day to listen to them :)
Sorry for such a laaaate post! Being in Bangalore the past few days gave me lots to do and I forgot about the blog! 
Here's one from my "watch later" playlist on YouTube. Hope you like.

Shadow and Light : Martin Luke Brown